8 Phases of a Digital Brand

Next Year I will lose weight.

Next Year I will save more money.

Next Year I will take me business seriously.  Next Year, Next Year, Next Year.

Just like the average person we set a vocal intention to do something better but for some reason we never seem to follow through.

If you are serious about using the online space to attract more customers, make more money and have your business run almost without you then it's time you set a clear executable plan of action.

This is my secret to success and I want you to have it, so let's begin!

The first phase of a Digital Brand is Digital Clarity: In the Branding Phase you want to have a clear picture of the following:

  1. What you are offering- This can be anything from a product, a service or program.
  2. Who you are offering it too- You want to get as clear as possible on your ideal squad, you know, the people you want to sell too.  What does this person look like, where do they shop, What magazines do they read. 
  3. The look and feel of your brand assets- You want to make sure your brand is cohesive against all platforms from a business card, your logo, website and your social platforms. Your audience should recognize your brand where ever you go.
  4. Why you are the solution - So many people miss this, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs.  I think we get so caught up in making a sale that we forget that our brand isn't really about us.  I mean, our purpose is about us but the results and benefits are about our customers, clients and consumers.  You must remember to lead first with the WIIFM, the What's in it for me factor.  Now what goes even deeper is to know their pains, struggles and fears.  What keeps them up at night? Let them know how there life will be different if they joined your world.
  5. Your Big Money Goal - So I would be lying if I said I didn't want to make money.  Hell, I'm a capitalist, I'm not here for free!  I spent enough time in a 9-5 if you know what I mean.  You should be in business to profit.  I know, we all want to save the world in someway, but let's face it.  If you don't have, you can't give.  If you do have, you can give more!  You need to know what your number is.  

I learned this concept from Dan Lok, the author of F. U. Money, Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want And Live Your LIfe As YOu Damn Well Please!  After reading this book, you will may see that becoming a Millionaire is not your real money goal, but to intentionally create a money goal around your ideal life. Stop just throwing out a number because it sounds good.  

You know that life where you can wake up in a nice home, drive a new car, take multiple vacations, send your kids to private school. If you sit down and actually know where you want to be, you will realize that you just may be closer to your goal than you think.  The problem is that many of kill our dreams with unrealistic overnight success thinkin'.  

To become successful you must know what you want, what strategy you are going to use to get there and what executable steps you will take to meet that strategy, then you must implement your plan. 

Now let's move on to digital Phase #2 - Your Website

Your website should be like your personal 24/7 assistant.  It should answer all of your audiences concerns so they can immediately determine if you are right for them.

Phase #3 - List Building

Once your audience has determined that you may have something that can work for them, you website should provide something of value in exchange for their email address.  Now with all the BS that's on the internet today, it's important to know that you must provide a real reason for someone to give up their email address.  People are tired of waking up to pushy sales offers content with no substance.

Phase #4 - Campaign Management

A campaign is a series of triggered communications that provide education, value and them offer a pitch to buy your product, service or offering.  A campaign usually has anywhere from 8-10 emails over 14-21 days.

Phase # 5 - Money System

Once your offered has been accepted there are 3 types of investment payments you can offer your customers.  Offering multiple types of payment options allows your customers to easily make the decision to take action immediately.

Phase #6 - Delivery System

Many people think that once the customer has says yes, the dirty work is done.  Well, I'm here to tell you that, that is far from the truth!  There are three ways you can deliver your offer.

Phase #7 - WOW Factor

When you have met your customers satisfaction there are 4 results that can happen to increase your customers lifetime value.

Phase #8 -Lead Generation

I know exactly what you are about to ask.  Why didn't I put Marketing first?  Well, that's and easy answer, because that is why most people fail.  Everyone wants to just throw something up and wish sells into their bank account over night.  A real business owner understands that success in in the strategy, systems and processes.  Yeah, you can make one sell, but what about multiple sells.

So there you have it.  I have just given you the 8 Phases of a Sustainable Digital Brand.

Now I want to hear from you.  In the comments box right below this video, Tell me what Phase (s) of your brand are you struggling with.  I'd love to here from you!

Thank you for being apart of my world! 

I wish you much success & love, 



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