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Classy Party Ensemble with our Off Shoulder Sexy Black Denim Mini Dress

Classy Party Ensemble with our Off Shoulder Sexy Black Denim Mini Dress

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog, fashion

Every one of us scratches their heads when that semi-formal party is coming up. What should I wear? What will look good on me? We all ask those questions. That is why we think you should go with these timeless options to turn heads turn and tongues wag.

Off Shoulder Sexy Black Denim Mini Dress

Nothing says party like a mini black dress but they all run the risk of getting crinkled up and by the night is only have done look two days old. That is why our Off Shoulder Black Denim Mini Dress is unabashedly made from denim. The Denim fabric is an extremely versatile fabric and won’t easily get crinkles on it. So now you can party all night and still look classy at the end of your night out.

Qupid Dazzling-107 Black Studded T-Strap Platform Sandal


Black and gold is an evergreen combination and these Qupid Dazzling – 107 Black Studded T-Strap Platform Sandal will add that oomph to your ensemble like none others can. The gold studs on these pumps are placed over velvety black leatherette. That makes them pop out even more. Combined with golden and transparent straps, these are most possibly the perfect evening party heels.

Kim – Gold Studded Clutch Bag

Time to add a little color to the ensemble you have put together. The Kim – Gold Studded Clutch Bag will do exactly that without getting lost in all the lack you have put on yourself. The gold studs on this clutch will continue your overall theme and the rose gold color will break your monotone look while carrying your essentials.

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