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How to go for the Classic Denim and Sneaker Look

How to go for the Classic Denim and Sneaker Look

Posted by Heel & Jeans | April 13, 2018 | Blog
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Ever wondered how strange the world would be if all we did was dress strictly officially? I mean including on the weekends? It would be very tedious to sit with a straight back in those tight fitting formal clothes. Dressing down wouldn’t be an option. And showing your informal character without a Straight Leg Jeans in your wardrobe would be damn near impossible. That is why the introduction of jeans in late 1871 was not only an excellent idea but also an important step in fashion. It was so important that it has changed the way we dress and has given us our trusty denims. We all have ever since then worn jeans on regular basis and the only thing that is changing over time is the design of our jeans like the Straight Leg Jeans.


The Timeless Women’s Straight Leg Jeans

And when it comes to the women’s jeans, they are even more important. From a Cowgirl in the late 1800s to a fashion model on the catwalk today, women can never be and never have been left behind in fashion. That is why one of the most popular items in a woman’s wardrobe is the one and only Straight Leg Jeans. It is the perfect leisurewear for weekends and even can double up just are casual office wear. As we all know, we women come in different shapes and sizes that is why shopping is one of the most daunting tasks.  However, Heels and Jeans has got your back with a wide range of Women’s Straight Leg jeans, that will make you look beautiful, elegant and live comfortably.


Lace-up Sneakers that will go perfectly with your new Jeans.

As the name suggests, Women’s Straight Leg Jeans comes in Pencil straight legged shape that looks magnificent on women with long and slender legs. To accentuate this factor, you should consider our collection of Women’s Suede Round Toe Lace-up Sneakers. This look will help you channel your inner pop star in your and complete that new era look. This lace up sneakers has the soft artificial leather upper with Metallic Leatherette, lace up front, stitching accents, padded collar, and padded insole for the comfort which gives you the best fit.


The quality is the first thing that Heels and Jeans serve in addition to shipping and delivery. Shop with us, get a free delivery on orders over $50 and get ready to become a crowd puller.

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