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How to put together the perfect beautiful blue ensemble?

How to put together the perfect beautiful blue ensemble?

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog

Blue, it is one of those colors that just like Black and White, it works throughout the years and all across all the seasons. The deeper shade of blue is such a grand color that it can easily transition to either formals or casuals. Moreover, if you want to go chic you have to include blue in your color scheme. But using blue as your primary color can be a bit of task. If you do it well, you will end up looking sharp but if you stumble you might end up looking shabby if you are lucky.

Push Up Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

When you need a striking pair of jeans which borders on casual and yet is without a doubt classy, you need to go with something like our Push Up Lavanda Cola Stretch Skinny Jeans In Dark Blue. These Push Up jeans will help you get that shapely appeal and yet will not take away from the classy look you want to put together.
Moreover, the stretch fabric these jeans are made from will conform to your shape and keep you comfortable all throughout the day. And when you are done these jeans will return to their old shape to give you that perfect fit you need to look Chic.

Qupid Blue Velvet Stiletto Pumps

When you are looking for something classy to go with your casual formals or an evening gown, you need to go with Qupid Blue Velvet Almond Toe Platform Stiletto Pumps. These Pumps are made out of synthetic velvet with a High Heels measuring 5.25 inches and are made to give you the height you want while keeping you balanced with a 1.75 inch platform.
There are very few shoes which can truly be called elegant, that’s why Qupid Blue Velvet Almond Toe Pumps are a class apart. These Almond Toe Platform Stiletto Pumps are something that belongs on the feet of a bond girl or Hollywood Starlets and now you.

Ivory Vintage Evening Clutch Bag

There is nothing cuter than Audrey – Ivory Vintage Evening Clutch Bag and not only will it grasp everyone’s attention but also help you break the monotony of deep blue while keeping your look classy with its beautiful ivory color and the blue embroidery.
Also, the metallic silver chain and the metallic handle will add a glint that will accentuate your blues at the same time.

If you are heading for an evening out you can’t go wrong with the deep blue ensemble we have put together. We suggest you pair your blues with a white or ivory tunic to keep everything chic. So don’t wait, order these amazing articles from Heels and Jeans today and mix and match your favorite ensemble too.

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