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It time to Party with an awesome Christmas Ensemble.

It time to Party with an awesome Christmas Ensemble.

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | fashion

Jingle bells. Jingle bells. Jingle all the way. Oh there’s no fun like putting a Christmas ensemble the right way. Yeah!

Alright! Christmas is here and we all have parties to attend, family get together to get to and enjoy ourselves with a warm drink and some plum cake. But ladies, while we are all indulging ourselves doing this, we know that other girls are judging us right. After all these get-togethers and parties are about meeting people you rarely meet and see how the year has treated those friends who we have lost touch with, and only meet once a year. That is why we are putting together one awesome Christmas ensemble to make your friends envious if not jealous.

Let’s start with Jeans. It is the festive season that doesn’t mean your jeans are not appropriate to wear. In fact, in this cold chilly season. it is essential to feel warm and comfortable but we suggest that you discard those ripped and worn out jeans for a High Waisted Push Up Jeans. These jeans are made out of soft high stretch fabric to keep you comfortable through the entire party while pushing up your rear to define your curves.

Let’s not forget your footwear. It is very important to choose the right shoes for your party. They need to be comfortable, should keep you warm and they definitely need to be playful. You wear those serious black booties and those white heels all throughout the year. We suggest you add a splash color on your feet to pop with your ensemble and show your festive spirit. You can do that by pairing those beautiful Push Up Jeans with these Red Lace Up High Heel Boots. These boots with their 2inch platform and a 5.5inch heel are going to keep you well balanced and keep you warm through your party.

Don’t forget you’re the right bag. You need something that matches and ads to your entire ensemble. Pair a red bag with your look. Make sure you pick a small one. You are not going to the office, a gym or grocery shopping. A party demands that you look chic and yet subtle. If you don’t have one, we suggest the Crossover Body Mini Shoulder Bag.

To go with all this we suggest you wear a white sweater and body hugging sexy jacket. So that even when you remove the jacket your look stays complete and grabs those drifting eyes towards you. So go ahead have a Merry Christmas and party all night while looking sexy.

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