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It’s time to sparkle in all your colors with the best Boyfriend Jeans.

It’s time to sparkle in all your colors with the best Boyfriend Jeans.

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog, fashion

As winter passes and spring comes near we all want to shuck off those heavy winter clothes and pack up our woolens for something more versatile and better. Spring will soon be here and with it will come bright colors and a brighter sun. And soon you won’t be able to dress up in those dull winter colors and look either unfashionable or curelessly clueless. Those is why it is time open up your wardrobe and take out those bright spring colored tops and pair them with your boyfriend jeans.

So let us take this time to re-introduce the global phenomena distressed boyfriend jeans to you. These jeans are a true classic. Many of you would know that these jeans first appeared in the Hippie Era of 1960s and then reappeared in the glam rock era of the 1980s and early 90s. And though these jeans haven’t really resonated with men ever since then, but boyfriend jeans for woman have become a staple in this new era of fashion.

It is mostly because of how these jeans fit on a woman’s body. It displays a girls beautiful curves in all the right ways while showing her fresh skin through those torn parts in a Ripped Boyfriend Jeans. Our boyfriend jeans are even more special. They are made from our very own high quality Non stretch denim fabric.

Pair our black boyfriend jeans with a colorful patterned top and sexy red heel for a day out and turn heads while you walk to your destination or sit down for a girl’s picnic in a park. If you are going for a night out in the town we suggest you wear a pearly top and a colorful light jacket to keep you warm while looking gloriously casual with women’s distressed boyfriend jeans in blue.

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