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Time to get a spring in your step. Everybody loves spring, don’t they? There is something about spring season that makes us sigh in relief. It could be the fact that the chilly winter is slowly going away and the harsh summer sun has not
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The day is here that every girl has waited for a month. The one day when every girl wants to show her affections and wants be loved in return. And what better way to do that than on Valentine’s Day? We at Heels and Jeans
High heels boots are perfect footwears for winters. Wear it casually or use it with a formal outfit and it goes well with any attire. Not only does it looks stylish but its very comfortable to wear. It will also provide you with the additional
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There is footwear and then there is footwear. Every girl knows that she can get a nice pair of pumps or heels almost anywhere but getting something that just leaps out and catches our attention is hard. That is why we at HeelsandJeans.com have decided
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If you have recently read any magazine, you will realize that off shoulder wide leg jumpsuit are in fashion from 2009. There is no doubt about that 2009’s season was the best in the matter of fashion. So let’s talk about jumpsuit. This piece of
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Even though styles change and trends pass us by in a blink, there are only two colors that never go out of fashion white and black. While black is all about power, drama and demanding attention its calmer sibling white is much more subtle. That
Today, fashionable and stylish accessories allow people to talk about something. And, it hardly matters whether the accessories in question is for men or women. But unlike men, there are some accessories that most women love to shop for and can’t avoid piling them in
We all know how important a fit of jeans is. After all, every woman wants to show off her beautiful curves but that is exactly where a normal jean fails. That is because most jeans are either skinny, straight or any other fit which falls
The Christmas parties are over and we are still in party mood. Thankfully the New Year has finally arrived. That means that it is the time when people come down to the parties and hang around till the final countdown to say goodbye to the
Jingle bells. Jingle bells. Jingle all the way. Oh there’s no fun like putting a Christmas ensemble the right way. Yeah! Alright! Christmas is here and we all have parties to attend, family get together to get to and enjoy ourselves with a warm drink
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Blue, it is one of those colors that just like Black and White, it works throughout the years and all across all the seasons. The deeper shade of blue is such a grand color that it can easily transition to either formals or casuals. Moreover,
It is that time of the year when chilly winds are blowing through the land. When hot chocolate taste better than the whole year and comfort food feels like the best thing you have ever tasted. In this kind of weather, you need something comfortable
At the height of winter, we know, that you transitioned from wearing strappy heels to boots because we did too. It is only natural, after all, every woman wants to protect herself in the freezing temperatures. But that left us girls with limited options of
Sure you are good but he is the best, Right? He is the only one who has the power to laugh with you, even when you are in bad mood. He de-stresses you out with a hug and listens to your ideas and thought very
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As winter passes and spring comes near we all want to shuck off those heavy winter clothes and pack up our woolens for something more versatile and better. Spring will soon be here and with it will come bright colors and a brighter sun. And

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