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Make a resolution for the greatest fashion choices this new year

Make a resolution for the greatest fashion choices this new year

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog

The Christmas parties are over and we are still in party mood. Thankfully the New Year has finally arrived. That means that it is the time when people come down to the parties and hang around till the final countdown to say goodbye to the previous year and to welcome a New Year with high expectation and wishes. Every New Year’s celebration means dancing the night away with drinks and food, celebrating alongside colleagues, friends, and families. But when the bell tolls, it also means that it is time to make resolutions to make a start of something new
When it comes to all the fashion enthusiasts like us, we prefer to think about lifestyle and fashion choices, so why not make our resolution a bit about fashion?

Thankfully Heels and Jeans has got our back and is bringing in new products that will make our New Year a bit more new with black ripped denim hot pants, or the best denim shorts in various choices like slim, straight, or skinny and in the color of your choice. Because Heels and Jeans knows that even though the weather is chilly right now, spring is just around the corner. And even though you can’t step out in shorts in the middle of the winter, if you are spending the new year alone at home with that someone special you can put on those shorts to make your celebration a little more special.

For the rest of us who are going out folks from Heels and Jeans advice us to slip into something comfortable to party all night. To that end, they have got the Metallic Zip Hidden Wedge Sneaker for us. This sneaker has goes amazingly well with any pair of Jeans and Dress in your wardrobe. Moreover, what is a better way to bring in a New Year than in a Golden pair of shoes? This wonderful sneaker is made out of leather and sports a 3-inch heel and a padded insole, so you can dance the night away.
Pair these sneakers with something colorful and a great pair of push up jeans and have a very Happy New Year ahead.

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