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One of kind Celtic Ornaments in a Almond Toe Knee High Riding Boot?

One of kind Celtic Ornaments in a Almond Toe Knee High Riding Boot?

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog

We know that every woman has a soft corner for Knee High Boots. After all boots look amazingly glorious with almost every skirt, dress or jeans a woman can put on. Boots turn heads and make others look on in envy when done right. That is why a woman deserves to have at least three to four boots in her wardrobe.

But not every boots is created equally. Some go for an elegant look, some go for a girly fun look and others are too glam to put them on a normal day. Very few check all the boxes and balance themselves just right.

That is why, when it comes to this pair of Almond Toe Knee High Boot, you really can’t go wrong. Designed with rich camel colored leatherette these boots are so alluring that they will make you heart beat a little harder and, you will want to wear them again and again.
What makes these absolutely unique is the amazingly detailed Celtic like Ornament around the ankles. Made from beautifully sparking rhinestones this ornament gives these boots a captivating look to give your feet an unusual glamour without being over the top.
This pair of DBDK Cilena-4 Camel Rhinestone Ornament Almond Toe Knee High Riding Boot is truly one of a kind, keeping its traditional shape with the right shape and fold and elegance while adding that element of glamour.

Pair these boots with a white skirt, a tank top and a jacket to give yourself an unbeatable casual look. Or, tuck your jeans into these boots and with a strappy top and let others watch as you pry attention away from whatever they are doing with an cowgirl look. The options are endless with a awesome pair of boots such as these.

Also with a heel height of 1.5 inches you will not be compromising on looking tall, and with high quality insole and a zipper on the sides they are not only comfortable to wear but to walk around in. Maintaining them is easy too. Unlike leather DBDK Cilena – 4 Almond Toe Knee High Boot are made from faux leatherette. That means they are easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a clean damp cloth and you are ready to wear them all over again.
This is one of the best Boots Heels and Jeans has to offer and we suggest you keep them in consideration while buying any pair of boots.

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