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The most Beautiful New Age Footwear

The most Beautiful New Age Footwear

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog
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There is footwear and then there is footwear. Every girl knows that she can get a nice pair of pumps or heels almost anywhere but getting something that just leaps out and catches our attention is hard. That is why we at HeelsandJeans.com have decided to showcase three of our most beloved pairs of shoes, girls are dying for. And let us be honest, these designer footwears are ones that you will have a hard time getting your hands on everywhere else.

Qupid Studded T-Strap Platform Sandal

There is something about Qupid Studded T-Strap Platform Sandal that can’t be put in words. This Qupid Dazzling Platform Sandal has a design that is just so sexy that it will make you want to wear it more than any other pair of footwear in your wardrobe and pair them with almost all your clothes.
This Qupid Dazzling Platform Sandal is studded with metallic studs and a T Strap in a classic black and gold combination. This Qupid Studded T-Strap Platform Sandal will go wonderfully with a tiny black dress or a dark shade of jeans.

Qupid White Snake Open Toe Heels

Are you looking for something for Funky and awe-striking then you should most definitely go for Qupid White Snake Open Toe Heels. This White Snake Open Toe Lace Up Heel comes in white with black laces and is one of the most fashionable shoes in our inventory.
With a blocky 4.95 inch heel and a contrarian look these White Snake Open Toe Lace Up Heel shoes are so funky that you will pair them with the funkiest of your distressed and ripped boyfriend jeans, or your midi and miniskirts and strappy tops.

Beige Nubuck Lace Almond Toe Platform Pump

Qupid Lace Amond Toe Pump is unlike any other pumps you would have in your wardrobe. These Graceful Beige Nubuck Lace Almond Toe Platform Pump is half fabric and half nubuck and completely Beautiful. This rich stunning Pump will look expensive and make your feet look classy.
Pair this Beige Nubuck Lace Almond Toe Platform Pump with a frilly corset and a long skirt to go for a vintage look or wear them with jeans and top to go for a modern look. You could even wear these with a midi skirt and a formal jacket too with a semi formal look. This versatile Qupid Lace Amond Toe Pump will go with anything.

Usually, my fellow ladies, we get the same old shoes to slip on. The only thing they differ at is their fabrics and colors but these footwears have to be the most stylish shoes in our whole store. These with their minimalistic new age design are fashionable and stunning like very few other shoes are. That is why we urge you to grab a pair today and be prepared for the warm spring days up ahead.

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