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The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Posted by Heel & Jeans | May 11, 2018 | Blog

We are at an age and era when people no longer view clothing as an essential for covering for our frail human bodies. It has even long since evolved from representing honor, dignity, and being overall competitive. Now, clothes only make such a big buzz only if famous personalities like Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande was seen wearing the same ensemble twice, or god forbid on three occasions. We know it is an embarrassment of riches but we have to live with it, don’t we? That is why we believe that a pair of jeans is the greatest clothing wear to have been ever designed. Almost everybody was seen wearing them in yesteryears and you can even see them on celebrities and fashionistas, even today. But, denim has evolved and so have all the jeans over the years. That is why we are featuring two of the newest variants jeans, High Waist Slim Mom Jeans and Distressed Busted Knee Boyfriend on this blog. These are what all the famous people slipping into, and so should you.

Mom Jeans- The thing for the Chic-
Ever since our mom jeans collection has arrived on Heels and Jeans, it has spread the glamour all over our store. And especially its variant High Waist Slim Mom Jeans has been popular with our regular buyers and divas. What makes this jean perfect is the fact that you can wear this pair without looking out of place anywhere and with a comfortable feeling, unlike other brand jeans whose jeans cling to your legs all day. Heels & Jeans offers High waist slim mom Jeans in a mid-rise waist, ruffle hem design, and slim leg stopping just above the ankle. These jeans go with almost anything.

Boyfriend Jeans – The impressive choice-
Step aside Slim Mom Jeans, there’s another variant taking off – Distressed Busted Knee Boyfriend Jeans. Distressed Boyfriend jeans are so fabulous that they will undoubtedly help you achieve the fame you crave. These jeans come in so many shapes and looks at HeelsandJeans.com, that you would be unable to find a reason not to take them off. With features like ripped hole washed, non-stretch denim and Distressed and busted knee style These jeans have a distinctive look that will last for years. Stop wondering about the perfect pair of jeans. Get a smart deal on both these jeans at www.heelsandjeans.com today.

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