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What to wear for your Valentine’s Day Celebration?

What to wear for your Valentine’s Day Celebration?

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 13, 2018 | Blog
Valentine wear Blog

The day is here that every girl has waited for a month. The one day when every girl wants to show her affections and wants be loved in return. And what better way to do that than on Valentine’s Day? We at Heels and Jeans know that ladies this is one of your favorite days in the whole day, and it is one of ours too, that is why we insist that you plan this day with care. After all, this is one of the few days to celebrate love and what better way to start than looking stunning for your man.
Let’s be honest, every girl likes the slack jaw look of her man when they think you look pretty. In fact, we all know they can’t help but think about the way you looked the last time, you looked this enchanting. That is why we would like to give you a few choices to help you dress up this Valentines and make your man gasp in delight.

Blue Washed Raw Hem Denim Midi Skirt-

This Concealed fly Raw Hem Denim Midi Skirt will add a little glamour to your look. This Mid-rise waist skirt is available in stretch denim which will give you a flawless look that you will show of your curves and make you look sexier than ever before. This denim skirt contains 94% Cotton which you get more comfort as compared with any other stuff, and it also has 4% Polyester which completes the hot denim look with shine, and the 3% of elastane gives you a Regular fit which is true to size. Slip on this midi skirt and let your man’s imagination go wild.

Women Denim Jean Short High Waist-

Valentine’s Day is all about love. So we insist you let your man fall in love with you again by trying on these women denim short jean. These short shorts are sure to make you look hot and conform to your beautiful hips with just the right amount of stretch built in the denim fabric. This high waist jean short is specially designed to make you look confident and feel comfortable. This denim short has an embroidery with white lace which adds a little grace to the denim which is missing from all other shorts in the market.

Chain Pointy Toe Stiletto Pump-

Red! The color of love and which has the specialty to attract others towards itself. That is why, we have a product for you who make you feel complete with your beautiful dress and add an unbelievable amount of glamour to your feet. This product is covered with Synthetic upper and is finished with lightly padded insole with an easy slide style. This heel features a smooth faux suede upper with gold-tone chain accents, which has a pointy toe, scooped vamp and piping detail. It has hidden platform which keeps your feet comfortable when your walk, and the stiletto
heel which completely accentuates your personality.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and not of showing off. We suggest you wear something your mate would love and that is why we at Heels and jeans, online store provide you options that would keep you comfortable and yet increase your fashion quotient at the same time. We also offer you some of the best clothes at a fraction of the shop prices as compared to other stores in Los Angeles, California.

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