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Your next jeans should be Mom jeans

Your next jeans should be Mom jeans

Posted by Heel & Jeans | February 8, 2018 | Blog
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How would you folks feel about the term”mom Jeans?” Are they a YES or a NO for you? For me, they’re an aggregate Y-E-S.

Mom Jeans have a tendency to by and large have a terrible rep, yet truly, I can’t get enough of them! Though the style has a stigma with being unflattering and unfashionable, contemporary brands have brought them back in full force – offering destroyed washes and cropped options. And at some point’s it’s just about how you style it! When it comes to the qualities of what makes a mom jeans, the style is usually high waist, making your bum appear longer and flatter, and the zipper area has a relaxed fit. Sometimes, mom jeans can be magical, fashion-forward, unexpected and just what you need to turn an outfit from boring to extraordinary.

1. They’re Stretchy


This combine is agreeable to be in throughout the day and they don’t wind up hanging and getting stretched out after a long day. When you’re sitting in your vehicle in that brilliant LA traffic, pursuing Chloe, and strolling around Downtown LA, finding a couple of jeans that fit like a glove and move with you is an aggregate must.

2. The Wash Goes with Everything


I adore a couple of dark wash jeans as much as the following young lady, however finding the ideal light denim wash is the ideal approach to usher in Spring! This wash is practically similar to an unbiased fly of shading adding an easygoing cool vibe to anything from a sexy black top to a conservative!

3. They’re High-Waisted

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High-waisted anything is a program win for me. From jeans like these to skinny, to jeggings, to yoga stockings, nothing makes me feel more certain than a high-waist. They’re incredible for giving the deception of longer legs and securing in your waistline. Another special reward: they give your goods a moment lift!

So would you say you are folks a fanatic of mom jeans yet? Tell me in the comments below and be sure to check out some of the other jeans that hit all my requirements throughout the post!

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